2016 !!

Had a great Christmas and New Years!!! We had a great time doing some painting parties in some homes and for a businesses employee Christmas party.I took a break from painting new pictures while enjoying my family with there time off of work and school. Now I am excited to get back to painting more pictures so we can have more choices  to pick from.

Also excited about the Open Parties have started !!!! Check out calendar and check out page for all the info.

I know some people have had heart ache and sickness upon them through the holidays and just know you are not alone we all have and will have those times and prayers to all who are hurting or sick.


Helping others

We painted with the seniors and we had a great time painting turkeys!!!They are soooo nice and sweet. I do not know about you but it can get overwhelming when you think how many people are lonely out there . But at the same time what they need is not a whole lot its spending a little time out of are day to enjoy there stories and share a smile. Lets pray for those who are lonely and for me and all of us to find time in are day to share the love.

Blue Elephant Studio Gallery on the Web

Wow here we go!!! Now on the web!!Thanks to all my brothers time and mind!! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any problems with the web site its bound to have something that needs correction its just starting up today.Please send picture ideas I would love it even if you can't hold a party. We hope in a few months to start reserving places to have open  painting parties Also as we get going we want to be a philanthropic business  and have fundraisers   We are on face book too.yes very excited!!! Paint and Party on!!!